Manual Tape and Reel machine

  Flexible Dual Operator Low Cost SMD Taping Machine.


VT-1388-B have the Capabilities to support both Heat Seal PSA Cover tape.

Dual smooth stainless work space either for Tray component or addition Opertors support for higher Output.

VT-1388-B have a wider track to cater tape width up to 88mm.

Independently temperature control on each seal shoe for better Control of Peel Strength.

Quick & easy adjustable heat sealing Mechanisms for smooth continuous and Reciprocate sealing.

Individual Roller build in to ensure flat sealing when using Pressure Sensitive Adesives tape.

                                                       Independently Temperature Control for sealing.







VT-1388-B Specifications

Power ...... AC220 50/60Hz , Pressure ... 6Kg/cm2 (Bar).

  Height ...... 70 cm , Length ...... 80 cm , Width ....... 50 cm



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